Services  |  Heavy Hauling-Rig Mobilization

The equipment to move virtually any load

Got a heavy load that has to be moved? Boots Smith Oilfield Services has the trucks that can do it. We provide a variety of transportation services as part of our comprehensive array of services. Big, heavy loads are no problem with our large, fully permitted, well-maintained and insured fleet of trucks. They range in size from 1 to 30 tons.

To accommodate special loads, we have a diverse range of trailers. Our truck/trailer combinations can move virtually any load; heavy equipment, drilling rigs for relocation and pipe hauling – all of which are areas of specialization for Boots Smith Oilfield Services, assuring proper management and control of loads while in transit.


In addition, we have 15 and 30 ton tandem winch trucks on hand that can load and move extremely heavy pieces of equipment easily. And no matter where your heavy load has to go, we’re available for local and long haul projects, too.

When you’ve got a heavy load to move, you can count on Boots Smith Oilfield Services to do it safely, properly, and within your budget.