About Boots Smith

Leaders in the industry since 1954

The ownership, management, and employment base of Boots Smith has enjoyed a strong history of serving the oil and gas industry. The ownership of Boots Smith has remained in the Smith family since 1954 and is now in its 3rd generation under the leadership of Jason Smith. The operating priorities have remained constant over those years. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality of service in our industry by utilizing the highest quality employees and equipment.

We are committed to employing our specialized knowledge of the basins we serve to develop solutions customized for each client’s particular operating environment. The combination of completion and production services enables Boots Smith to handle oilfield demands, from well servicing to production optimization with a focus on safety and environmental sensitivity.

A commitment to superior customer service and a focus on continuous cultivation of basin-level expertise valued by leading oil and gas companies sets Boots Smith apart from competitors.