Safety Compliance

Preventing accidents and maintaining safe working conditions

Boots Smith Oilfield Services, LLC provides the highest quality services to our customers by employing a team who is committed to superior safety performance.  One of our most fundamental beliefs is that zero accidents are achievable; we reinforce this belief by working to continuously improve our safety culture.

The target of operating with zero incidents is essential to the success and growth of our company and this will not vary, even when others may have different priorities.  To ensure our company is always aligned with this goal, our corporate HSE expectations shall be grounded in the following basic principles:

  • All safety and environmental incidents are preventable
  • Delivery of HSE performance is everyone’s responsibility
  • Working safely and protecting the environment are conditions of employment
  • HSE performance must be measured and actively managed
  • Leadership and management commitment are essential
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations is the starting point
  • Everyone has “Stop Work Authority” and is expected to use it

By these actions and with the full cooperation of all employees, we are the industry leader in safety and environmental performance.

We at Boots Smith Oilfield Services, LLC believe that leadership is a prerequisite to establishing HSE as a core value in the workplace.  Our team demonstrated its commitment to safety by conducting regular workplace inspections, accident investigations and by clearly defining HSE roles and responsibilities for our employees.  Managers are responsible for fostering a culture of HSE participation by encouraging each employee to become a workplace safety leader.

Our HSE staff consists of OSHA 500 certification, 30 hour OSHA Construction Industry certification, 30 hour OSHA General Industry “train the trainer” certification, and 10 hour OSHA certification.  Our HSE trainers make sure all employees receive extensive training in their field as well as cross train them in all areas so that they understand every aspect of each job.  We have a behavior based safety program that encourages all employees to assess potential hazards around them and report them to management.

Boots Smith Oilfield Services, LLC is a current member and has an excellent safety rating with the following companies:

  • Veriforce
  • ISNetworld
  • PICS
  • PEC Premiere

While maintaining an excellent safety rating with these companies, we also have acquired the following safety credentials:

  • Operator Qualification Solution Group Member/Proctor
  • Veriforce Member In-house Evaluations
  • SafeGulf / SafeLand Third Party
  • Working HSE Program
  • Environmentally Safe & Environmentally Conscious
  • DOT Approved Drug and Alcohol Plan
  • New Hire Orientation Process
  • SEE / Mentor Program
  • Behavior Based Safety Program
  • Certified Rigger Training
  • 10 Hour OSHA In-house
  • 30 Hour OSHA In-house
  • Various Safety Related Training Provided to Employees